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Oct 15 2019

This Isolated Cozy Autumn Cabin Proves - That Less Is More

Sedersi in una foresta in Finlandia è un'accogliente dimora in cui è possibile riportare indietro l'orologio a tempi più semplici e svelarsi dal mondo digitale. La cabina "Small But Fine" dello Studio Politaire è un pittoresco rifugio autunnale per coloro che desiderano godersi le meraviglie naturali di Madre Natura. Attenendosi a un budget conservativo di $ 14.000, i designer Jonas Becker e Time Bergmann hanno anche costruito la cabina per sperimentare direttamente il processo. Il ritiro è stato costruito utilizzando 17 cornici quadrate di legno e pannelli di compensato per durare nel costruire un design sfalsato in modo da poter godere di diverse viste dell'ambiente naturale. Tutto scorre insieme, poiché esiste una cucina che conduce a un soggiorno compatto che conduce in una camera da letto e una sauna. All'interno troverai un tubo da stufa, mobili semplici e enormi finestre per invitare la bellezza della natura in casa. L'obiettivo principale era presentare come una bella casa non debba essere lussuosa o costosa, risultando in una cabina minimalista e sostenibile per coloro che credono che meno sia di più.
Jul 25 2018

AirShip002 Airbnb In Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are majestic lands, situated above the Atlantic Ocean. The area, while scarcely populated by people, is instead populated by towering mountains, yawning fields of grass, placid lochs – and this tiny, submarine-like home located by the Isle of Mull, called the Airship 002. This beautiful home – where you can plant yourself, as you explore and hike throughout the sea of grass and immense mountain range – was designed by Roderick James Architects to evoke a sentiment of nautical nostalgia. Built in the shape of a submarine/ship, the insulated aluminum pod allows natural light to bathe its interior. The west wing of the domed domicile provides a glorious view towards unspoilt bounty of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula and the Atlantic Ocean. The kitchen is outfitted to look like a cross between retro American diner and ship galley, and the East Wing looks out onto the Sound of Mull, towards Tobermory (the Isle of Mull). With such splendid and expansive views, this contemplative home is the perfect place to mull things over.
Jan 02 2018


Developed and named after the sandstone outcropping it’s plotting upon, this 750 square foot cabin situated in Alberta’s Carraig Ridge is the first home to be built in the surrounding area. Meaning, that in addition to some fine amenities and a well-designed retreat home, you’ll enjoy complete and utter privacy in this true-blue wilderness cabin. Dubbed the Rock House, the project was conceived and built by award-winning architect James Cutler of Cutler Anderson Architects. Additionally, the bungalow-style home boasts a full basement, is almost entirely enveloped in glass resulting in outstanding panoramic views of the countryside, and a toasty fireplace to keep warm during those cold Canadian winter retreats.
Oct 31 2017


There is almost no way in which living under a bridge could be construed as a good thing. Almost. Just take a look at this Underpass Studio by Fernando Abellanas and you’ll see what we mean. This tiny studio located in a secret spot somewhere in Valencia, Spain is brilliant, but simple. The wooden platform that makes up the largest portion of the studio hangs by a steel frame that grips a concrete lip under the bridge. That platform uses a hand crank to move from side to side – and transports the sole user from the bank right under the bridge to the column where the shelves and desk have been installed. Once the Spanish furniture maker who built all of this gets onto the platform and operates the crank, he makes his little space inaccessible to anyone but himself. Much like a treehouse, this hideaway has a whimsical, freeing sense to it.
Feb 22 2017


We tend to cover homes that stand out from the crowd. Generally speaking, they’re either built in far out and amazing locales, or they boast exteriors that make radical statements. The Barn in Wilson, Wyoming by Carney Logan Burke Architects is not quite one of those houses. And that is far from a bad thing. The architecture firm Carney Logan Burke made sure of that. Not only did they manage to stay true to the form of old barns, but they found a way to add a stunning glass wall that opens up to a striking view of the Tetons in a way that compliments that classic style. The 2,400 square foot building, however, has more than just a prize winning view. The inside of the space, put together by WRJ Interior Design, features a refined look that includes a modern guest bathroom located on the second floor, along with a first floor garage for the home owners’ bike and car collection. The cumulative effect is a home that looks like it belongs to the past, but has all of the comfort and amenities of a modern building.
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