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Aug 08 2018

What’s The Difference: American vs. Japanese Denim

The invention of denim, specifically denim jeans, is deeply knotted and convoluted. There is not necessarily a perfect, certain answer. The same could be said about the question of which country makes the best denim. But the fact that what separates the biggest pillars and player in the denim community – the United States and Japan – is mainly a matter of personal taste, still has not stopped people from debating the virtues of Japanese versus American made denim. The thing is, the histories of American and Japanese Denim are woven together, tightly. For the last half century, they’ve fired salvos of invention to one-up the other, drawing from one another and influencing each other. At one point, Japanese and American denim was largely the same. Since then, the last 50 years have been a tale of divergent evolution, with Japanese denim stepping dramatically outside of the United States’ shadow, and into their own denim identity. The denim community is dominated by these two countries. But the history of the cotton twill textile precedes both nations – by a wide margin.
Sep 18 2015

Sear's Bassano: pure passion for authentic denim

Per veri intenditori ed anche per chi si volesse avvicinare al meraviglioso mondo del DENIM autentico, ecco tre curatissime riviste/archivio che fanno al caso vostro. In collaborazione con Crakers Magazine e Denim Boulevard, Antonio Di Battista (noto e sapiente cultore del mondo del jeans nonchè proprietario del brand Blue Blanket) ci offre un ampia panoramica sul vintage denim, frutto di anni di ricerca negli States. In vendita esclusivamente presso la nostra bottega.
Mar 11 2015

"Indigo" Spring

Scarti Lab, Pence...denim indigo shirts for Spring 2015
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